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Lab Facilities

Our lab has all the equipment required to combine genetic, cellular and molecular biology techniques as well as real-time imaging methodology.

Fly Room

Cell and Molecular Biology

Microscope room

The team is part of the Laboratory of Developmental Biology (LDB, UMR 7622) that offers technical facilities and common devices in free access to its staff. They include: a media preparation service to prepare media for Drosophila. A set of photonic devices. L1 and L2 culture rooms, cold rooms and so on.

In addition, the laboratoy is member of the IFR83 (Institut Fédératif de Recherches). The IFR provides a set of state-of-the-art innovative and effective facilities open to the scientific community of the site:

-Imaging facility (confocal and multiphoton microscopes, video-microscopy, spinning disc microscopy, FLIM-LIFA, and imaging techniques such as F-techniques (FRAP, FLIP, FRET), fluorescence lifetime imaging, spectral imaging and live cell imaging)

-Electronic microscopy facility equipped with cryo-ultramicroscopy

-Cytometry platform (flow multi-laser cytometry and cell sorting), proteomics, real time PCR, peptide synthesis and molecular interactions analysis, assistance in high throughput data analysis for functional genomic. http://www.ifr83.idf.inserm.fr// http://www.ifr83.idf.inserm.fr//