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Magister en Ciencias, Faculty of Science, University of Chile.

Licenciature en Biologia, Faculty of Science, University of Chile. Laboratory of Experimental Epistemology.
Thesis topic: Visual temporal frame and the cortical alpha-rhythm.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. F. J . Varela.

PhD thesis in Neuroscience. Laboratory of Neuromuscular Physiology. University Pierre et Marie Curie, France.
Thesis topic: Long-Lasting modification of the synaptic properties of rat hippocampal CA3 neurones after epileptiform activity.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Y Ben-Ari.

Post-Doctoral stage. Laboratory of Genetics. Dr. Barry Ganetzky. (Department of Genetics. University of Madison-Wisconsin. USA)

Chargé de Recherche puis directeur de Recherche au CNRS.

Refereed Publications.

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